Trible (tamtrible) wrote,

chicken vegetable soooop

Lesse if I can reconstruct my latest soupy success.
day 1: boilt a couple picked-over chicken carcases, along with a bunch of parsley, some rosemary, lots of garlic, and one of those soup-base things from a turkey. Possibly also salt and pepper, I forget.
day 2: picked out bones, then put the broth back on the slowcooker with some (5 or so) taro roots in, as well as a bag of gravy cubes.
day 3: chopped up a thumb and change of ginger, a largeish onion, and saute'ed them in the pot that shares its lid with the crock pot. Add summer squash (maybe 2 or 3 pounds?) and mushrooms (2 smallish portabellos), cook 'til done-ish. Add 2 pounds or so of some kind of bok choi. Cook a minute or 2 longer, add the broth, cook until heated.

I'm not turning cartwheels or anything, but it's not bad.
Tags: adventures in cooking

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