Trible (tamtrible) wrote,

Any advice for pumpkin-apple soup

So. I have a pumpkin, I have or can get lots of apples, this is the time of year for them. I wanted to make soup.

My questions:
1. I was thinking of blenderizing a few chunks, and some or all of the peel that I cut off, to thicken the soup. Should I cook it in some way first?
2. Chicken stock, or beef stock?
3. I have some frozen tofu that I was going to add to it. Do you think it needs dead animal as well? If so, what that can be obtained cheaply (chicken leg quarters, chicken hearts, canned sardines, canned tuna, anything else that's in the neighborhood of $1/lb--not pork, I avoid pork for ethical reasons) would work?
4. What vegetation would go well in it besides the pumpkin and apples?
5. I'm thinking of using ginger in it, any particular thoughts on what other spices would be good.
6. Any particular ingredients that shouldn't just get the chuck-it-in-the-crock-pot treatment?
Tags: adventures in cooking

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