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I just saw I, Robot. Pretty good flick.
And the very last bit was *quite* thought-provoking.
So--if you were In Charge, and we had developed machines that were reasonably verging on human intelligence, how would you alter the laws to accomodate this fact? What rights would robots/AI's have? What laws would apply to them? Would there be any responses to disobedience/flaws other than repair or shutdown? You can assume 3-laws robots, or not.


Your Election Campaign by dshaw
Political leaning
Your running-matejenni_the_odd
The current presidentniqaeli
The current vice-presidentdavetheinverted
Your election slogan"Because the other guy is worse"
People who love you the mostconservatives
A flipfloppable subjectweapons of mass destruction
The name of your presidential dogSaddammie
Your total funding$7,208,337
Your chance of success: 41%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I guess i'm not gonna be president.
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